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The XXI Workshop on Quantitative Finance will take place in Pacanowski building at the Department of Management and Quantitative Studies of Parthenope University. Pacanowski building was built between 1959-66; it's a large and impressive edifice of post-war "modern" Neapolitan architecture. The address is: via Generale Parisi 13, Napoli.


To reach Parthenope University you can walk or use the Chiaia elevator or the Chiatamone elevator. The Chiaia elevator is public and is located in via Chiaia and connects via Chiaia with piazza S. Maria degli Angeli (Monte di Dio). It is convenient for those arriving from via Toledo and the historic center. The Chiatamone elevator is owned by the University and connects via Chiatamone directly with the conference venue. It is located at the intersection of via Chiatamone with via Arcoleo. It is located on the right of the tunnel, looking at the tunnel, under the gallery. It is convenient for those arriving from the waterfront, via Parthenope, Riviera di Chiaia and via dei Mille.


The conference will be held at 1st floor in rooms 1.1 and 1.2


The Social Dinner will take place on Thursday, 30th in Borgo Marinari.